[SHORT STORY] – Flight of the Huntress (An Excalibur Knights Tale)

With one last rattle and clank, the Kalnythian Wilds completed its docking seal and began testing the atmos of the derelict mining station on the other side. “Scans show seven troglodans aboard, Huntress,” came Soladi’s attentive voice from the forward deck. Ser Iveera Katanaga absentmindedly dismissed her seat restraints—serpentine jin rising from her head to flick the […]

[SHORT STORY] – Scorched Earth (A Rachel Cross Story)

“They’re back.” Rachel Cross froze at her workbench. Froze for too long—a full three count, at least—before her good senses caught back up, and she remembered she’d rather not let her unwanted visitor see just how much those two words rattled her cage. Slowly, carefully, she blew the tension out in a low sigh, ended […]

[SHORT STORY] – Ragnar the Wretched

“Ashdautus Gruumsh vrasubatlat uk,” Ragnar muttered into his half-empty mug, for no reason other than that the words felt at home on top of the pleasant fire of the black grog burning its way down his throat. If only those words still rang true. For half a second, he nearly gave into the feral urge […]

[SHORT STORY] – Life Shopping Incorporated

LIFE SHOPPING INCORPORATEDA Short Story by Luke Mitchell “The thing about Life Shopping, m’boy,” says Jensen Wellsworth, clapping a meaty hand to his young charge’s shoulder and all but dragging him down the pristine hallway, “is that it keeps you from sliding straight into the shit.” Jensen feels the young fellow’s wondrous stare and stifles a […]

First Look – The Eighth Excalibur

The post title says it all, my friends. Your first look at the new Excalibur Knights series is here! I might have to post something from a little later in the story at some point to give you a taste of all the gratuitous alien invasion action to come, but for now, I hope you […]

I was bored.

That’s the truth, Book Fan… I was bored out of my effing mind—which seemed to have a kind of irony to it, seeing as I was studying brains at the time… Allow me to explain. The year was 2014, and I was floating through the first year of my neuroengineering PhD program. “Floating” being the key […]

First Look – Children of Enochia

Hi there, friends! I hope you enjoy this early first look at the third (and final) Enochian War book, Children of Enochia. The book hits the shelves on May 28th, and I cannot WAIT to share the full story with you! In the meantime, if you wanna save a few bucks, be sure to grab […]