Divinity – First Chapter Sampler

Hey there, book fans! We all know I like to ramble (and am maybe even a bit pathologically incapable of NOT doing so)… But holy scud buckets, am I excited to finally share a bit of this story with you! So, without adieu, let’s get to it! SHADOWS OF DIVINITY Chapter 1 – Apostate’s Folly […]

First Look – The Enochian War Trilogy

They killed my parents.They branded me a terrorist.… I’ll show them terror. Enochia has been compromised. The Sanctum. The Legion. All of it. And I know what you’re thinking. A few days ago, I wouldn’t have believed me either. Not before I watched the High General of the Alpha-damned Legion sprout red eyes and tear my parents to bloody […]

A first look at Retribution

Let’s not dilly dally with the words and the things, friends. Retribution is coming, after all. Which means I need to get my butt back to finishing it. To that end, I’ll emphatically point out that this is hardcore rough draft material. We’re talking 40 grit sandpaper, folks. As rough as it gets.  Now, I […]

Retribution is coming

The scoop Holy guacamole, guys, do I have lots of exciting stuff to tell you about Retribution, including (oops) that the fourth book of The Harvesters Series officially has a title. And a cover. And an unofficial soundtrack/theme song. But more on that last one later. For now… Meet Book Four of The Harvesters Series – Retribution […]

Bargain books never looked so good.

Hey, look! I’m alive! It’s been a while, and I suppose I could prance and prattle and pedantically perfuse this page with my pleasant pontifications prior to plonking down the point of this post. But, instead, how about I just nail some sweet alliteration and get to the point? Point time it is, then . . . (*nailed […]

Free Books for Free (and other less catchy updates)

Hello, friends! I come bearing joyous news. And some status update stuff too, but that can wait. Joyous news first. Free stuff (for FREE) I’ll be honest, I’ve gone a bit giveaway crazy. In an effort to attract new readers, I’ve been trying multiple new things to see what works. But that part doesn’t matter to you. What […]

April Science Fiction & Fantasy Giveaway

Well looky looky. I’m back already. On the same. Freaking. Day. Okay, I’ll stop talking. We’re here for one thing, and one thing only: free books. We all know ’em. We all love ’em. So click on this here banner and go gobble ’em up: It says April 10th – 19th (2017, if you somehow […]