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Lilly Cross has a secret.

And her arcane gifts are only the beginning...

It all started when Ren showed up.

Walked right in like a ghost from the past, spouting a tale as outlandish as it was disturbing. 

They walk among us, he said. Hiding in plain sight. Preying on anyone and anything they please. From the shadows, they've ruled the planet, invisible to all but a rare few. A few like Ren and Lilly. Which was why he needed her help.

Never mind that she'd walked away from the world of the strange years ago, Ren said. Never mind that she'd found herself a perfectly normal life—that she had a daughter now, and a family that needed her even more. Never mind that her life was good, Ren said.

Because if they failed to stop these bloodthirsty demons, it was all about to come crashing to a violent end anyway...

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A good intro to the Harvester series.

Karl H. ★★★★★

This story does a good job of demonstrating how enjoyable the characters are in this series and it has a plot that will draw you right in.

Good novels need nothing further to be said, so READ THEM!!!

Maurice J. ★★★★★

Stumbled upon Mr. Mitchell's "Harvesters Series" looking for superhero novels and have been happily stuck in his world ever since! The adventures of his characters are pure joy and snark. The plot lines are wonderful, with a big helping of thoughtful. Dump trucks of action are also involved. This series begs to be read and reread, which I have done, still laughing my head off, still worrying that the main characters would be horribly destroyed!

Hi there!

I'm Luke, and I LOVE to make things up and write them down. Usually, I do so for a shiny penny or two from the kind Amazon overlords.

Recently, though, I've decided to try peddling a few of my action-packed wares over here on my own site for multiple reasons, not the least of which being I can give you better prices and keep way more of those sweet, sweet royalty pennies. Plus, you know what they say about eggs and baskets...

All that to say, welcome to The Great Diversification Experiment! I sure hope you enjoy the experience.

Much more importantly, I hope you're ready for some wild adventures...

Happy reading!

Luke R. Mitchell

P.S. If you're REALLY pickin' up what I'm puttin' down here, I wouldn't hate it if you felt compelled to share my work with any raving sci-fi fans you happen to know...

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