Imprisoned from childhood. Forced to hunt his own kind.

Taught by the Sanctum from a young age that his uncanny powers were a mark of the demon inside of him, Two was given a choice: submit to the will of Alpha, become a Seeker, and earn his redemption by hunting others like him... or refuse, and die.

The bright side? The Sanctum doesn't let Seekers live long enough to grow old with their regrets.

It'll all be over soon—and peacefully, even, if he keeps his head down.

But when Two is forced to take a pretty new recruit under his wing for her first day on the job, things go sideways fast. Now, confronted with a worldwide conspiracy to end the war on demons once and for all, Two faces a new choice—between the sanctity of his spirit... and the lives of the entire planet.

Introduction (Read for OPTIONAL context)

Chapter 1 - Natural Born

Chapter 2 - Changes

Chapter 3 - Shiver

Chapter 4 - Three Lessons

Chapter 5 - The Job

Chapter 6 - The Hardest Part

Chapter 7 - Contact

Chapter 8 - High Places

Chapter 9 - Revelations

Chapter 10 - Good Faith

Chapter 11 - The Path

Chapter 12 - Identity

Chapter 13 - The Great Hunt

Chapter 14 - Kovaks

Chapter 15 - Apostate's Folly

Chapter 16 - Mad Hounds

Chapter 17 - Cleanup

Chapter 18 - Chain of Command

Chapter 19 - Fire and Ice

Chapter 20 - Breached

Chapter 21 - Wrong Stop

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