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If you love yourself a good rip-roaring, snarky sci-fi romp (and seeing as you ended up here, I'm guessing you just might), I strongly suspect you're gonna have the time of your adventure-loving life with the Harvesters Series.

And if you wanna go check out the prequels (Cursed Blood and Soldier of Charity) in your email first just to make sure, I totally understand...

But if you KNOW you want the whole action-packed enchilada, I wanna offer you the chance to grab the complete series box set right now and save yourself some sweet, sweet money!

Either way, I hope you're ready for some fun stories...

(NOTE: The box set IS also available on Amazon for $9.99 if you prefer that route. You can read more about why I'm selling it on this website for cheaper right below!)

Incredible series with LOTS of action

"In this series, Luke delivers an amazing amount of action while not neglecting character building. Not only do you get to know the characters, but their interaction is well done (the wit and banter keeps me smiling).

If you have not picked up the series individually, now's a great time to get the entire thing in one shot. Once you read the first one, you are not going to want to put it down, so you might as well seize the carp and pick up the box set."

– Karl H.

Two words says it all, FANTASTIC SERIES!

"Mitchell delivers one of the most thought provoking series in science fiction genre today. The story starts after aliens have reeked their havoc over our planet. Humanity is in a desperate survival mode and suddenly hope appears in the darkness.

Our hero (the Soldier of Charity) assembled and leads a rag-tag following of resistance fighters that takes the fight to the aliens.

The characters are extremely well developed with many plot twists and turns throughout the series. While the action is non-stop, it is also exhausting because this gifted author makes each scene come to life in your mind's eye and you feel like you are right there in the mix!

I proudly award this 6 book set, 5 STARS!"  

– Michael S.

Great Sci-fi

"I was hooked on this series from the first chapter of Soldier of Charity. Technically it's a prequel, to the series, but Jarek is such a great, fun, flawed, hero by accident that I just couldn't wait to read Red Gambit.

I appreciate that the author keeps the storyline moving with each book bringing something unique. This series combines so many elements I love — it's dystopian, sci-fi, action adventure with engaging characters, well written drama, and just a smidge of a love story."  

– Mary H.

A great action story with a romance back story in parts

"There is nothing to dislike in this set other than wanting the stories to never end. 

This is a collection of the first 4 books plus 2 short prequels, so it is great value for money as well as being fun to read.

Keeps you wanting to turn one more page until your dinner is burnt. Great reading."  

– Jeremy S.

(So, Why not Amazon?)

( So, Why not Amazon? )

Hi there!

I'm Luke, and I LOVE to make things up and write them down. Usually, I do so for a few shiny pennies from the kind Amazon overlords.

Recently, though, I've decided to also try peddling a few of my action-packed wares over here on my own site. I did this for multiple reasons, not the least of which being that I can give you significantly better prices and still make about the same amount of money. (Basically, I get to keep a much higher percentage of those sweet, sweet pennies for myself when we cut out the middle man.)

In short, everybody wins! Well, except the middle man. But I don't think Amazon is going to be hurting too bad for my pennies. Plus, you know what they say about eggs and baskets.

So, yes... Welcome to my Great Diversification Experiment! I sure hope you enjoy the experience.

And much more importantly, I hope you're ready for some wild adventures...

Happy reading!

Luke R. Mitchell

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