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Jarek never meant to get involved.

Following the Catastrophe, the plan was simple enough. Scavenge for food. Avoid marauders. And above all else, keep his head down. No problem at all. Especially not with a one-of-a-kind AI companion and a powerful exosuit in his hands. But when he stumbles onto a back alley mugging gone wrong, well... 


The word is out. Young Jarek Slater is packing a serious weapon. The kind he's not ready to use in earnest. The kind that every marauder on the continent would kill for.

And they're coming to take their shots...

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(read on your phone, e-reader, or computer, hassle-free!)

(read on your phone, e-reader, or computer, hassle-free!)

I couldn't put this down.

David M. ★★★★★

A quick and easy read, about a teenager trying to get by in a post-apocalyptic world. There are hints of a larger threat. which I am super keen to discover. Overall this was super fun.

A great, unique post-apocalypse opera.

Jonathan B. ★★★★★

An excellent preface to what is certainly a promising series. It's a post-apocalypse opera, if you will, with enjoyable characters and wonderfully wise-cracking dialogue. I'm very much looking forward to the first full-length book!

Young Iron Man meets the Last of Us

Mr. Kirk ★★★★★

Good writing and an interesting mix of genres. Superhero fans should enjoy, and with what is hinted to come, should be a fix for vampire fans as well. A good start to a series.

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